We got our little white ball of fur when he was 12 weeks old. He is a Kuvasz  (a Hungarian Sheep Dog) and as the name implies he was bred to herd sheep, so you can just imagine how much energy he has! We started puppy classes with him a couple weeks after we got him. After 6 weeks of training, I still didn’t think he was getting anywhere and there was a lot of focus just on loose leash walking. That’s great, but what about all the essentials of being a puppy? At the time, I was alone at home with this 3 month old puppy with too much energy for me to handle, so we had to find something and quick.

That is when we met Diesel (see the Rottweiler, another success story!) and his owners told us all about this miracle worker named Grace. So the next weekend we went and met with Grace. My boyfriend and I shared a look and we knew already that we liked her style. We signed up for puppy classes!

Even after our first class, we could already see an improvement. He was getting easier to handle and she told us what to look out for and gave us some tips on how to make our life a little easier. We went through puppy classes and he graduated and now we are working on obedience training. He has his days, like any puppy, but with Grace’s guidance, knowledge and care, Tucker is turning in to a well behaved, BIG white ball of fur.

We are so lucky to have found Grace!

~Natasha & Imi