Well it has been a crazy summer all around, we have made many new friends, new clients and also have made some new families. We have rescued a few dogs this year and found them great forever homes, we have lots of pictures to share on our Facebook page. Many new changes to the business as well as our training camp. Now that fall is just around the corner I would like to remind everyone about Halloween, although trick or treating is fun for the family it can be a huge ordeal for our dogs. Halloween can be dangerous  to our pets and even fatal if they eat the candies your kiddos bring home. Also the masks and costume’s can be quite scary to the dogs as well and if not careful can lead to a dog bite, so remember not all dogs love Halloween like we do so we need to take extra precautions around this day. We will also be having an October sale for any new clients signing up for the first time or ones coming back for a refresh. we will be hosting some dog walking lessons in group form in the middle of October so if you would like to join in lets us know by phone or text at 613-661-7418 or by email at grace@rrruffhouse.com this will be a free lesson so take advantage if needed. We will show you how to walk properly one on one and also teach you how to do a pack walk in a great group of dogs. This will take place on Saturday October 15 2016

I would also like to announce that once again this year we will also be hosting new years eve bon fire for both our family and friends even our four legged friends are welcome to join in. This will be our third annual event and looking forward to the shenanigans, this is a very warm and cozy laid back night to share stories and ring in the new year, if your thinking of attending once again contact us and reserve your spot as spots are limited. Many things to look forward to this fall and winter and many new friends to meet.