Hello all my dog loving friends! With summer quickly approaching I need to remind everyone about a few things, first if it’s to hot out for you, it’s too hot for your dog! If you need a cool glass of water, so does your dog! If you need air conditioning, so does your dog! When taking your bestie for a walk remember the heat of the pavement on your dogs paws!

Although your dog might be thirsty, NO puddle drinking! Giardiasis is found in dirty water! I know giving your dog ice cubes is tempting in a heat wave, be careful! If you want to allow your dog to play in a water hose, that’s great but please be careful your dog doesn’t aspirate on the water. This happens more then you think!!Most importantly please DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN A HOT VEHICLE!!!!!

Check out dog friendly beaches and water parks, they are hard to find but they are out there! Find friends with dog friendly pools to help beat the heat! If your dog can’t swim, buy a life jacket. Amazon even sells dog cooling mats for when you go camping with your bestie, Basically I’m just asking us all to have a happy and safe summer!

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