Good morning everyone,

As you know I don’t often go off on a tangent but every now and again I feel like I have too. This morning seems to be your lucky day, lol. I get up each and every day with one mission, to help at least one person and their dog, sometimes I am lucky and can help many but my goal is at least one. I am not the humane society so you cannot just use me as a dumping ground for your unwanted dog. Yes I try every day to help people re-home dogs into a better environment but its not as simple as call me, and I come running. When people want my help I am ready to jump in on one condition, that you the current owner do some work. What does that mean? Let me tell you. First I get as much info on the animal as possible, knowledge is power. Does this dog bite? good with other dogs? cats? children? does it have any food aggression? is it house trained? how old is it? does it have all its vaccines? is it fixed? etc. etc. etc. the list is quite large. Again I cannot stress how important knowledge is!!

After we have had our chat, and if I say I am willing to help this is where your help and responsibility kicks in! Lets say for instance this dog bites, and not good with children or just a little aggressive in general, before I will even consider helping you place this dog into a home I require some training from you with my help. I CANNOT AND WILL NOT place a dog into someone’s home knowing full well that it has a bite record. Not only can you be held liable and be sued but so can I! Plus I am not that kind of trainer! If you are willing to do some behavioural modification training with me to see if we can curb this issue then I will work with you, if not then this is where we must say good-bye,

If you are willing to do the work and we can fix the dogs issues then, and only then will I put my neck out to help you re-home this animal with full discloser to the new owners from you, the current owners so the people involved clearly understand what they are getting into! My phone fills with calls each and every day with people who have picked up a dog from Kijiji or any of the other animal selling websites telling me that they were lied too and now they have this ” Cujo ” dog in their home and, surprise, surprise the original owners cant be contacted!! Of coarse they cant!! They finally got rid of their pain in the ass dog to you!!!! You should have done your due diligence but you didn’t, why? mostly because you felt sorry for it! Or it was cute! or better yet your an impulse buyer!!!!

Well how sorry do you feel for this dog that you have just now “rescued”? That’s another thing, YOU DID NOT RESCUE THIS DOG!!! You either bought it from a website or it was advertised ” free to a good home ” imagine that!!! Free to a good home…… of coarse its free! No one in their right mind would pay money for this dog that has multiple issue, that by the way you are not equipped to handle, and now your stuck with it and trying to dump it to someone else on one of these websites or Facebook!!

People ………please, I beg of you to stop this nonsense! Stop trying to dump your dogs whether they are good dogs or horrific dogs, stop dumping them. Dog are at the bare minimum a 7-10 year commitment. Consider what your life might be like in that time frame and if you don’t think you can handle a dog and a baby? Then don’t have the baby! ( just kidding ) don’t get the dog! If you don’t have permanent housing, then don’t get the dog!

Like I said in the beginning I live my life everyday trying to help others, but you guys out there are making my job really hard and some days even impossible. I will never stop doing what I do, but I do ask that you guys stop what your doing! If your considering getting a dog speak to a professional like me, I would rather spend time with you weighing out the ” pro’s and con’s ” before you buy them, lets consider your lifestyle, commitment level, energy levels, work schedules, breeds, etc. lets talk about the cost of vets, vaccines, spaying and neutering, cost of feeding, training etc. if you consider all of this and still feel like your invested then let me help you find the perfect dog for your lifestyle either a puppy from a breeder or an adoption from a shelter? Either way knowledge is power!! If I can help you now, I will….. rather then help later, when later is almost too late.