Dogs get cold in the cold weather just like people do and it is important to make sure your dog is as comfortable as you can make the dog. Some dogs have heavy coats to protect them from the elements but most dogs even if they have a fine coat of fur can really feel the bite of cold weather. There natural coats may not keep him warm outdoors depending on how cold it is outside. Of course some dogs like Huskies like it cold outside but you still have to watch the weather to make sure they don’t get too cold.

If a dog is use to being indoors cold weather can really set in on the dogs since the dog is used to warm temperatures of the indoors. If a dog is an outside dog extremely cold temperatures are not good for the dog either. If you have an indoor dog and you are cold chances are the dog is cold to, inside dogs are use to the same indoor temperature that you are. If it is cold out and your dog has to go outside for a bit little booties may help him be more comfortable.

A good rule for humans to follow is if the temperature outside is Twenty degrees or less then a dog should not spend a lot of time outside. Maybe just a short trip to the bathroom and then they should come back in to warm up. If you take your dog ofr a walk you may want to consider the dogs comfort as well as your own. maybe a little doggy coat would help yet some dogs are hardy enough to go for a walk in just their natural coat. A cat should not be outside at all in temperatures less then twenty degrees since cats are not made for temperatures that cold.

There are ways you can help protect your dog from the cold and make there life more comfortable. One thing you can do for your dog is to shovel a path to a place that your dog likes to go. That way the dog will not have to fight walking through deep snow to get to their favorite spot. Dogs usually have a favorite place they like to check up on and smiff at everyday. It is their territory and a habit to check on certain places.

If your dog lives outside all the time it is best to keep there house off the ground. Insulating the house with clean dry straw and plenty of nice blankets will help the dog stay warm in winter. A dog likes to bundle itself up in blankets when it is cold and a little insulation of fine straw can go a long way for added comfort from the cold. If you have two dogs and they get along with each other if they can share the same house they can use each other for warmth by cuddling up together. If the temperature drops below twenty degrees it is best and most humane to invite your dog to stay in your nice warm house with you. Dogs can get very lonely and they love to have your company. A dog can be great company for a human too.

If you didn’t get your dog inside in time and you notice some of your dog’s skin is red, gray, white or black it could be frostbite and that can be very serious. Take your dog to see your Veterinarian as soon as you can. Remember your dog depends on you for all of his care, needs and safety. Your dog depends on you that you will take care of him and make sure that the dog in comfortable. If you take proper care of your dog you will have many rewards from you dog and the dog will be forever greatful.