Well, first things first,   Don’t teach a dog how to get in — teach a dog how to get out!!  That’s the first thing a dog wants to know. A pool is unnatural to a dog. You don’t have to teach a dog how to get into a lake. He knows. It’s gravity. It’s nature, like the beach. He knows, right? But when it comes to a pool, they don’t comprehend the depth in it. The first thing you have to teach him is to put him in the water — you know, hold him in the water.

They’re going to do a lot of splashing, and once they finish the splashing, they’re going to relax, and once they relax, then you let them go so they can go towards the stairs. Then they say, “OK,  no panic voice, just relaxation: then simply say ” Let’s go out.” And so that’s the emotion you want to create, Calm, firm and confident.  Do it two or three times, then leave him alone. That creates the understanding that nothing bad happens in there, and that you and him did it together.

Hope this helps you guys, I have seen a lot of people try to teach their dogs to swim. For the most part dogs come by this naturally ( not all dogs ) so we don’t really need to teach them to swim but simply to understand the pools. Please if you have a pool remember that dogs naturally are afraid of them because they can see the bottom and don’t understand what they see, if your dog shows interest in the pool, by all means teach him, if they don’t then like our children don’t push the issue or you will create a fear of water. Keep it simple and enjoy the summer.