the gang 003

left to right: Loki, Mylo, Junior, Justice, Dusty, Puppet, & daddy up front

Well as you can the gangs all here, what you’re not seeing is that I am in front of them trying to keep them there because I just painted the new french door and didn’t want anyone brushing up against it, let me tell you this was no easy feat. Puppet and Dusty the ring leaders were determined to go through this door to go play ball, I know what your thinking, but they look so innocent! They are not. I had to stand vigilant for 45 min, thank god for quick drying paint, thanks to Lowes for showing me that. I am happy to say the paint was dry enough after the 45 min that all hell was able to resume. Dusty and Puppet are new BFF’s and they are never apart from one another for much more than about 5 min, Dusty is our newest boot camp kid and he is doing remarkably well today, I wish I could take all or most of the credit but I have to say Puppet is doing most of my work for me, Thanks Puppet for making my day a little bit easier and allowing me to get some house work done!