I am first going to start out by saying this post is very graphic and horrific! This is an extreme case but none the less a possibility when we purchase gladiator breed puppies because their cute without doing our due diligence! Gladiator breeds are not for every one, nor should they be allowed to run in our homes with children of any age with out TRAINING!!! Lucky for this person they will survive, this time!! I AM NOT ONE TO PREACH but with that said, please if you are going to get puppies for christmas, please do your home work on the breed you choose and make sure it is a good fit for your families needs before you purchase any dog. I can’t tell you over the past 22 years how many times I have rescued ” cute puppies ” that were left untrained or their owner thought ‘ THEY WILL FIGURE IT OUT ‘ OR THEIR JUST A PUPPY THEY WILL OUTGROW IT!! Well they wont if you don’t do training! Think of it as an ounce of prevention beats the pound of cure. This was a dog who was purchased as a pet for the family and was left to ” figure it out!” and as you can see it didn’t! This dog had to be destroyed because of human error and ignorance, had this dog been trained properly from the get go this would not have happened! SHAME on us as humans to think that an animal has the ability to rationalize their own behaviour, they can’t they are DOGS and must be treated as such, these are not a replacement for the human being we have lost, they are not our children so please stop treating them as such. I BEG OF YOU PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS, and do your homework before you purchase a puppy this holiday season, and please seek the help of a qualified trainer so you never have to have this happen to you or a loved one.