So I am sitting on my leather couch and to my left is my bulldog Misses, yes that’s right I said sitting on my couch is my bulldog but that’s not the issue. So it’s 10 and I am finally sitting still watching tv and I am a little peck ish so I reach for a bag of cheesy’s which by the way is my bull dogs favourite snack, so as I am starting to have a bowl she is sitting to my left and staring at me hard core, so I look at her and say NO! Now she moves over and starts to whine but out of the corner of my eye I see her look at me because she thinks I cannot see her, so I look to my left with a bit of a stern look and she then turns her head away to look in the opposite direction. I giggle and look forward again to try and watch my show, soon as I start to eat another cheesy she looks again thinking I can’t see her, so again I look to my left with the same stern look, I say nothing and she again turns her head in the opposite direction as if to say ” what? I wasn’t watching!”. Well this went on for about twenty minutes and I am quietly killing myself laughing!!!!! I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks! Finally as I was almost done my cheesy’s I left purposely left two in the bowl and YES!!! I gave her a cheesy!! Yes I did!! But if you saw the face I did you would have too!! So here is what I saw! You say no to this face!!