Tucker 007

Tucker 006

I would like to introduce you to our newest member of  rrruffhouse boot camp, Tucker. She is a very shy yet fearful little girl who shows aggression towards people and dogs that make her afraid  she can also be quite dominant if allowed to be so, she is the girl who will bite first and ask questions later. She has been through some training before for obedience but has never really had behavioral modification, she tends to want to rule her house and her humans. Tucker also tends to meet people like a kind and gentle little girl and leads you to believe she is friendly but if you bend down to pet her she tends to bite the hand that is doing the petting. Tucker has been with us a few short hours and has already done tremendous work, my son came home and has never  met Tucker before, so of course I warned him that she may not be nice on first contact but my son being a fine prodigy of his mother ( me ) did what he does best which was just come at Tucker quiet  and calm and before you know it, Tucker rolled over and submitted and my son gave her a belly rub! Way to go Matt, also Tucker tends to be a little food aggressive so again my son put food in her bowl, fed the dog and petted her the entire time while she ate with no nipping or biting. I am very proud of both Tucker and my son Matt they are becoming fast friends and it shows me that anything is possible when you take the right steps to modify an unwanted behavior.