up for adoption 042

This is Tucker


Let me introduce you to Tucker, He is a 5-year-old Boston Terrier AKA Boston bulldog, He is looking for his forever home. Tucker is great with people, kids and other animals but does to tend to want to bark at big dogs, we will fix that! Tucker is healthy, fully vaccinated and already neutered. Tucker is also a rescue and come with very little back ground and what I know is what I am sharing. He is a puppy mill puppy as well and has been homed once and has since been recycled back into the system. Lucky for Tucker he came into my care versus the recycle box of the system which fails more times than is successful. I will make it my mission to place him once and once only to a forever home. He has a huge personality and is very lovely yes he is an older dog and not a puppy but there are plenty of advantages! No house breaking, no chewing, no puppy high energy, already obedience trained just to name a few. This is yet another example of why I am trying to get the rrruff start program up and running for dogs just like him and Jasper who is in the next blog! If you are interested in giving Tucker a for ever home please contact me either on my website, email or by phone. If you know someone who might be interested please forward his info and they can contact me. I will be doing interviews with his potential new owners to make sure he is right for you!

Thank you in advance.