Mother Fiona
In January, after being dog-free since June when our old boy
died, we went seeking a new friend. Along came Fiona. She
was listed on Kijiji and they were rehoming her because they
were homeless and unable to feed her. She was starving when
she came to us and her body began to change quickly. We were
so proud of the results of her new diet until her body started to
take on a peculiar form. The vet thought she was having a
pseudopregnancy and we could soon have her spayed.
On Friday, her belly was moving around like a lava lamp. Little
paws were waving “we’re in heeeeere” and by bedtime on
Saturday we had a dozen dogs.
The rest of the story, most of you know. Grace came along and
did us the favour of our lives – fostering, nurturing and bottle
feeding six of the puppies to increase the chance of survival for
all of the puppies.
We are pleased to say that we now have a shiny, healthy girl
who is on her way to a healthy body weight and some roly-poly
puppies who eat so much that milk drips out of the sides of their
mouths and then they roll around like they’ve just had
Thanksgiving dinner!
Many thanks to everyone who has donated, helped, cared and
started the adoption process.
Matt, Kate & Co.