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Well we are getting a little bit closer every day to meeting our goals, we still have a long way to go and desperately need your help as a community. We have a few companies on board with some great donations and services, has donated 500 collars and 180 dog tags, we have 3 vets now on board and trying to get a few more, I will post who they are very soon and put up their logo on the rrruffstart tab. I have a lady who offers all kinds of services from dog walking, pet sitting, basic grooming etc. We have raised over $500 in cash but need much more in order to keep the costs of these kits low. I have had donations from friends of blankets, treats, and leashes. We still need 1000 dog bowls. 500 leashes, 500 blankets, 500 gentle leaders, 500 dog toys, 500 bags of food, and much much more. We still could use corporate sponsors, private sponsors and just everyday people giving what they can, nothing is too small or not appreciated it all adds up in the end, and every little bit counts. Help us meet and exceed our goals.