Well as of today the ontario government has deemed animal services as essential! So groomers, walkers, trainers and boarders are now all able to work during this recent covid lock down, yes we all still have health measures in place to insure safety off all, we still need to keep a safe distance and wear masks but small price to pay in order to get back to work. This lock down has been hard on so many for many reasons and this includes human and animals alike but once again we are OPEN for business and ready to work hard at bringing peace and remove stress where we can. So if your in need of our services give us a call we will be up and running at full speed as of February 1st 2021 ???? we are ready to get to work so get your bookings in before life gets busy again. I would like to take a moment to thank all our existing clients for their patience and support during these trying times and you made it easier by all your support and photos of you and your animals and keeping us updated on all your hard work and successes! We look forward to seeing you all very soon, again thank you. Stay safe and healthy!