Hello everyone,

With our expansion in full force, rrruffhouse.com is proud to announce that we will be expanding our services as well to make life with your dog a happy and safe one. Our new place has a 1500 sq ft play area for all our furry friends as well as a huge area outside to play completely fenced in and escape proof, the outdoor play area has lots of grass for lounging, a wooded area for shade and getting up to “no good” lol. This new and improved rrruffhouse will blow your socks off, so come on by and check us out, for all your dog needs. We still do training as usual both obedience and behavioural, we have not taken services away we have just expanded so we can offer you more!200404088

Doggy Day Care – Don’t like leaving your dog alone/locked in a kennel all day? We can help with that too! Again, we currently offer doggy day care 2 days a week, but we are now able to offer doggy day care 5 days a week for your convenience and peace of mind.

Puppy Socialization and Behavioral classes – Most of us reading know that getting a new puppy can be taxing to say the least, rrruffhouse.com would like to help you with that too! ….

You name it we probably offer it! If you need something that we may have forgotten please ask, we are always here looking to help. For more information please contact us by phone, email, Facebook. LinkedIn. or by text.