babies 002


Hard to believe that one week ago today our lives changed so much, we went from people with a dog or a few more, haha to 11 new babies that were a total surprise for everyone involved! I got a call that would change the course of my life for the next 12 weeks, Kate said ” we have 11 babies and no idea what to do?” so I went to see where I could lend a hand. If you had told me in that moment I was going to be allowed to foster 7 babies I would have said you were crazy! When I arrived at Matt & Kate’s to see these little miracles, and miracles they were, I was in awe! They were so tiny, under weight and 1/3 the size they should have been but they were strong, amazing in its self. They were moving and crying  so we knew they had a will to live like i have never seen before, that’s when we knew we had to help them. Kate and Matt allowed me to take 6 at first with another one to follow a few days later making my six-pack into a brood of 7. I was honoured to be allowed into their journey of giving these adorable babies a fighting chance. I am happy to announce they are ONE WEEK old today, they are feeding well, getting chubby, pooping like nobodies business and starting to try to stand. their will open in another 2-3 days and will start to learn to walk after that, I can’t believe how much they change from one day to the next, totally amazing!  They will be looking for new homes by 8 weeks old and will go to their new homes by 12 weeks old. I will get them potty trained and some of the basics like sit, come, and stay. If you would like one of these miracle babies please contact me. Thank you Matt, Kate & Fiona ( the puppies mother ) it has been a hell of a ride so far and looking forward to the next step in our journey together! Wow what an adventure, truly blessed!