I would like to introduce you all to Boots, she is eight months old and is a bit of a holy terrier! LOL  Her owner called me at her wits end. Boots as lovely as she is was totally running the house as she saw fit. Boots would bark non stop, jump on everyone,rude meeting other dogs,chew carpet,kitchen cupboards,poop behind the couch,run away, bark non stop at the neighbors, the list goes on. Boots  came into boot camp Halloween night and came in like a complete hell fire, she came in barking and jumping on the door where the dogs were and let me tell you there was a pack eruption! My dogs were not impressed with her to say the least, usually we don’t start boot camp the first day, we usually give the dogs a day or so to relax and learn about us. Not in this case, Boots created such a riot with my pack that for her safety we had to start right away! I am happy to say that she was getting with the program very quickly and within about fifteen minutes had made her first new friend, Reagan. Reagan was very excepting of Boots and didn’t rise to her bad behavior, maybe because Reagan is deaf and could tune her out! LMAO I am very proud of Reagan our newest member of the family and her first real attempt at helping with the boot camp dogs and she did exactly what I wanted her to do, lay back and just be still. Great job Reagan!

Here is Boots and her new BFF Reagan!

boots welcome 006