piper 003

Let me introduce you to another boot camp puppy, Miss Piper. Piper is a five month old mix breed puppy that has had some training with us in the past but due to her stubbornness she is in boot camp. Miss Piper is a very good puppy with some manner issues, She like to meet everyone who enters her house with a bound of energy and jumps until paid attention too. Miss Piper also is requiring some socialization both with people and other dogs. Piper has many of the typical puppy issues that can be hard to deal with in a home where her owner works all day. Miss Piper is a very friendly little girl ( too friendly sometimes ) that is just going to be fine tuned so when she goes home she will be a pleasure to be around, not that she isn’t already! Miss Piper has made friends with Reagan ( of course ) right away and starting to warm up to the rest of the pack! I think Reagan is the official boot camp welcoming comity! Welcome to boot camp Miss Piper I look forward to watching you grow and explore your new world.