abby rose 010

Abby Rose

I would like to introduce little Abby Rose to rrruffhouse boot camp, Abby is a five month old Jack Russell cross that has some territory issues. Little Miss Abby likes to own her home and her owners and also bites when you try and touch her paws to either wipe dirty feet or have her nails clipped, Abby also does not seem to like other dogs and when she meets dogs she tends to show teeth  and snarl. Abby has been here for about 20 minutes and has met so far two of the dogs and has not shown teeth or snarled, good so far. Abby has found her new safe spot in front of my couch and is curled up having a little nap, also a good first sign. I think with a little help and lots of manners little Miss Abby Rose will be a wonderful dog, she is very cute, people friendly and now well on her way to being dog friendly.