Most dogs eat and drink from bowls placed on the ground. Some dogs, especially taller breeds, may have trouble reaching the food and water bowls at this level without straining. Elevated food and water bowls make the dog’s food and water more readily available and prevent unnecessary straining and injury.


Improves Posture

  • When a dog eats for drinks from a regular, ground-level bowl, it has to bend and strain its neck to reach the bowl. Elevated food and water bowls allow dogs to eat, while standing, which is a much more comfortable position. These types of bowls help to improve your dog’s posture, according to Vet Comfort and strain-free eating and drinking is especially beneficial for older, arthritic dogs.

Makes Swallowing Easier

  • Dogs need to raise their heads to swallow water, which can make using ground-level bowls difficult. An elevated bowl helps make swallowing easier, especially for a dog with esophageal conditions that make swallowing difficult, according to A dog with mega-esophagus has an enlarged and flaccid esophagus, which dilates while eating. This causes food to gather in the esophagus, rather than descend into the stomach. With an elevated dog bowl, the dog has the added bonus of gravity, which helps to push the food down the esophagus.

Lowers the Risk of Bloat

Elevated dog bowls may lower a dog’s risk of bloat. Bloat is a serious, often fatal condition that occurs when a dog eats too quickly, forcing air into its stomach and causing the stomach to bloat and twist. This extremely painful condition, if left untreated, can lead to death.  An elevated food bowl might make a dog eat its food more slowly, thus ingesting less air into its stomach.

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