What is a trainer

I get asked this question a lot in regard to what kind of a trainer am I and how am I different? Well let’s take a minute and see, first and foremost I listen to what you need and how can I best serve you. I do not promote any brands, foods, tools etc but I educate. I explain the pros and cons of treat training, I provide realistic expectations and explain that I am not a miracle worker and I’m here to teach you the owner just as much as I’m here to teach your dogs. 

In fact you’re just as important as the dog simply because you are the one who will do most of the work! A good leader leads and the dogs will follow. I teach you all about tools that are available and I do not promote, enforce or demand any tools to be used once again I educate but ultimately you get final say on what you are comfortable using and I understand not all tools work for all people and their dogs. 

This does not make the tools good nor bad but simply are not a fit for you and that is 100% okay! There are many people with many opinions and if you can not support someone in their journey because of the tools they have choosen, then you need to be respectful and not shame or accuse people of inhumane behaviour simply because you have a difference of opinions. No one goes into a training program to hurt or harm their dog. 

I have 30 plus years of working knowledge, I show you how mutual respect, consistency and understanding of boundaries will make you successful. I explain how rewarding a bad behaviour with treats will only make an issue worse in the long run. I show you how to make and keep boundaries in your home with your dog so it’s an inviting place for you to live and people to visit. 

I am consistent, firm, honest and supportive in helping you have a great dog, I am straight forward and very to the point. I am patient and passionate and I will take all the time you need to walk you through every step until you feel comfortable and secure in what you are doing. 

I am strong and a great trainer and I know what I bring to the table, I do not condemn nor speak poorly of any people in the dog world from vets, pet sitters, food providers, boarding kennels or other trainers; again it’s all a personal choice in who everyone uses and we need to start raising people up not tearing them down simply because you don’t believe something that they say or do with their dog! Life is a journey and a personal one at that. Not everyone has the same journey nor the same experiences so my job is simply to walk your journey with you and create a safe, predictable and balanced dog that can accompany you in an unpredictable world.