OK so apparently some people still don’t understand what it feels like to be in a hot car on a summer day with the windows only open a crack! So here is the challenge I am putting forward…….. If you own a dog and that dog has fur I want you to wear a coat that would simulate your dogs fur so example; if you own a Sheppard, Newfoundlander, st Bernard, husky etc. then you must wear a heavy winter coat! If you own a short hair dog like a lab, boxer, bulldog,mastiff etc then you must wear a sweater. So the challenge is this you, your appropriate coat in a hot car with the windows cracked one inch for 30 min. I will video this challenge and post the resulting video on my website. If your not a chicken and are up to the challenge send me a message once I get enough people I will set a day and time!! So who’s ready???