white boxer

Yes this is Junior, he was sleeping on the floor of the living room and by the sounds of it having one hell of a dream! He was barking and howling like what ever it was he was having a lot of fun, and was quite busy in what ever it was he was chasing. Well no sooner did I pull myself off the couch to wake him up when he started howling and i of course was killing myself laughing, when all of a sudden he stopped! I thought ” oh good that’s over ” when all of a sudden ( still sleeping ) he lifted his leg and started peeing all over the floor! He jumped up from a dead sleep and ran to the back door with his head hung low, knowing full well that we do not pee in the house! I let him know that he wasnt in any trouble, but he still hung his head in shame. I tried to explain to him that it happens to the best of us and even we humans have the dreams that we are going to the potty to realize we are still in bed! I know how he feels, embarrassed! but not a big deal, it happens to all of us at one point or another! So now you know that even dogs who don’t pee in the house are capable of bad dreams that make us wet the bed!! its okay Junior, we still love you!!