Hello Boxer Fans!! This is probably one of my most asked question from Boxer owner, so here is my answer.

Because of their short snouts, the boxer gulps in lots of air that needs a way to get out…

This is true for all dogs. If a dog eats their food too quickly then they also take in a large amount of air with their food and the air will come out the other end. To prevent this from happening, make your dogs meals smaller but more frequent. But there are other reasons for excessive gas and the number one is exercise. If your dog is not getting DAILY exercise then the gas will get worse and worse. Also if you are feeding your dog treats and table scraps then the amount of gas will increase. Finally changing dog food can lead to dog gas along with feeding your dog low quality dog food, it is also important to raise your dogs food bowl from the ground, your dog’s head should not go lower than the shoulders during feeding.  So in conclusion, exercise your boxer daily and find a quality dog food and stick to it and cut out the table scraps.

That’s it! just that simple!!