Abby and Rufus



This is an update on our buddy Rufus, he is doing very well and when I went to see him today he was the happy silly boy I knew he was and could be with the Phillips family, they love him dearly and it shows! he was jumping and running with not a care in the world. This is also a new client and her name is Abby she is a mastiff puppy and she is a year and a half old who just loves people and all the attention but tends to wanna jump and hog all the loving in the house. Abby has just started training with me and was introduced to a gentle leader today for the first time and was not overly happy about that but finally gave in and was very tired after her fight with the gentle leader. Jenn, Abby’s owner is an awesome pet parent and is willing to go through the process to teach Abby how to behave and become the wonderful dog we already know she can be! I realize this is just the beginning but keep up the great job Jenn you’re doing awesome! Also would like to thank the Phillips family again for giving my buddy Rufus his awesome home!