Wading Pool Tips



I really recommend that you consider providing your own dog with a wading pool so he can enjoy the water in greater safety. Try to purchase a new pool if you can. If you opt for a used one, inspect it for sun damage, cracks and peeling plastic. Make sure there is no algae or mold residue on it. You are ensuring that your dog will be less apt to pick up a fungus or disease. You also want to clean it every day, if possible, and not leave standing water in it. You don’t want mosquitoes to breed in it. I rinse mine out every day and dry it out every evening. If you have small children, this is another good reason to empty it every night. A small child can drown in less than two inches of water, and you should never leave your dog or children unattended around water, no matter how well you think they can swim.

I have been using a wading pool for years now, and we have more fun in the spring and summer with it. I get all my nieces and nephews involved when they come over. It is always the very first activity they ask to do. If you have young puppies, whether they are water dogs or not, be sure to start with just an inch of warm water. Have a favorite treat that you only use for very special days so they are extra motivated. My friend,  had a great recommendation; she suggested slicing hot dogs and using them. They float, and your puppy or dog will be motivated to dip a toe in the water to go get the treat. Remember to use praise, praise and more praise when your dog goes to retrieve the treat.

Never throw a puppy or dog into the water. If a dog or puppy is scared, this will only take you 20 steps back because this will imprint more fear into his brain and not bring the swimmer out in your dog. Another fear-causing technique is for you to run into the pool and make your dog or puppy follow. It is not a fair way to do this. Again, you are using the fact he wants to be close to you and not giving him a choice to enter the water on his terms. He needs to learn on his own to enjoy the pleasure of swimming or wading in the water.

Ten Reasons to Buy a Plastic Wading Pool for Your Dog

  1. A wading pool is a great place to get your dog used to water. You can introduce him slowly in shallow water without fear of waves or a tide.
  2. Once he finds out how much fun water is, you can teach him to swim.
  3. Since you’re in control of filling and cleaning the pool, there is less chance of your dog getting an infection from bad water.
  4. If you have a large dog, it is a great place to give him a bath on a warm day, without getting your bathroom full of water when he shakes off. You can use the kitchen or laundry sink for hot water, just make sure you rinse both the dog and the pool thoroughly after the bath.
  5. It is a good place for washing muddy paws or spot cleaning when your dog doesn’t need a complete bath before letting him track mud throughout the house.
  6. If your dog meets a skunk, this is a good place to mix up and administer your skunk remedy without stinking up the whole house.
  7. If you are interested in water activities with your dog (i.e. water surfing), you can teach your dog to balance on the board in the pool.
  8. If your dog seems too warm after a hike or long walk, it is a good place to help him cool off so he doesn’t get heat stroke.
  9. If you have a water feature in your yard, buying your dog his own pool will help keep him out of your water feature.
  10. This is a great way to begin training your hunting puppy to retrieve items from water. You control the place and time of the training session and can see how he reacts.

Now you have ten good reasons to get a wading pool for your dog this summer. So, what are you waiting for?