So I want to first start out by saying I am in no way mad but I am incredibly frustrated, so 5 days ago I was bitten quite badly by a dog who had been recently adopted from the humane society in our area. I will spare the grossness by not posting and pictures of the bite as I don’t feel the need to show for shock factor, not my style. The dog had been rehoused a couple of times and because the people giving the dog up didn’t want to be the ones responsible for its potential euthanasia they lied about the aggression they saw, because they lied the dog bit with intent and now can not and should not be saved! In my opinion being the one who got bitten it’s the direct result of previous owners not taking responsibility. The time to have been able to save this dog has now passed and the dog is paying the biggest price for human ignorance. This has to stop and we need change. If you are giving up a possibly aggressive animal please come clean, if you are rescuing an animal please do more due diligence and if you can’t get honesty from the people or human society your dealing with then maybe you need to pass on that particular dog, I am not bashing rescues at all I am saying people need to do their homework! Not all people have the education or experience with rescue so not everyone should do it, also unfortunately not all dogs can nor should be rescued! If any of the people in this particular dogs life did the responsible things needed I wouldn’t be in the predicament I am in. My mind tends to wander today while I’m in pain and feeling sorry for myself at the question of what if that had of been a child? Or a baby? The new adoptive owners knew nothing of this dogs history, they were not neglectful at all just simply ignorant to the dogs history, this could have ended far worse, thank god it did not! I am usually a great judge of dogs behaviour but this happened so fast no one saw it coming except possibly the previous owners which is why they got rid in the first place, this totally could have been prevented. So moving forward if your giving up a dog for possible aggression please do one of two things, first be honest so we can avoid this from happening again or do some training to resolve the issue if possible before giving up or giving it away. Honesty doesn’t always mean a death sentence for the dog in question but lying will almost 100% of the time mean a death sentence. So please think about the people you are potentially putting in harms way and help save a dogs life! Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.