well another play day at our house, we had Mya and Abby playing with the boys and loving every minute of it! It goes to show you that no matter if your a human or a dog but if you are a male, that a woman ( or two ) in the mix makes you boys do some pretty silly things to get their attention!! Normally my dogs go out in the yard, walk around, pee on the four corners, stare at the ducks in the water and then come in! Well when the girls are here, we jump and bark and  wrestle to see who is going to be the first to bring them a gift, which may include a half eaten bone or what may be left from the rabbit that was caught earlier that day all of which are appealing to the ladies or so I’m told! There has to be some truth to the dead rabbit being a valuable prize because the girls who five minutes earlier wanted nothing to do with my boys, now are prancing and bowing to get their attention! Mya ans Abby have brought sheer bliss to a pack of boys and for the record my boxer Junior presented Mya with the rabbits head! Mya accepted!!  For us as humans that is equivalent to an engagement ring! Funny, Funny!!